#218 The noticeable change in the dungeons

The DarkMoon Faire has returned to Azeroth, and that means it’s time to break out my Pandaren monk and let him ride the Darkmoon carousel for the additional 10% XP buff and chain run instances until I’m blue in the face.

The monk daily does not hurt either.

The monk daily does not hurt either.

Last month I did the calculations and with various experience boosts that is available to my monk and I found out that I can get up to 95% additional experience points for every quest or dungeon I complete and I’m at the crucial levels where I need it the most.

In Cataclysm, Blizzard’s greatest gift to players was the redesign of the vanilla dungeons. While the resigns and maps made the low level tolerable to run in the Looking for Group I have a feeling that they could only do so much for the high 30-50 dungeons.

I am talking about the dungeons that consists of multiple bosses, spread out in a winding maze definitively and endless waves of trash pulls. All of these dungeons showed the old Blizzard game style of grand spacious zones with the potential of dedicating hours of gameplay to the instance before encountering the final boss to get your chance for  the loot you wanted.

As Blizzard changed the dungeon design from more open and wondering dungeons to more of a streamlined approach that emerged from Burning Crusade and beyond. After running a few of those dungeon runs I can state those old dungeons has not aged well.

It even forced me to take rez sickness because I could not find the entrence to the instnace after I died

It even forced me to take rez sickness because I could not find the entrance to the instance after I died

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  1. Dire Maul and Blackrock are the worst at that point!

    I actually like going back into Blackrock when I’m overgeared and overleveled just to wander around and shoot things for transmog, but it can be a most traumatic place when I’m actually leveling. If it’s not the dungeon run where you go straight to the one chick, kill her and dump the party in under five minutes while wondering what happened, it’s either the “I don’t know where I’m going” run or the “We’re doing everything ever” run, both of which take FOREVER. (Also, Upper vs. Lower, people are clueless. Need more signs that literally say something like, “Upper ^” and point the way.)

    Dire Maul can be painful, especially in the part where you have to go around destroying the crystals before you can kill the big evil dog-thing Immol-somethingorother. It’s a miracle when you find someone who knows where to go, and also another miracle if you get a group that can handle (or is even prepared) for the huge amount of damage the one night elf + bear boss do. Also, why do ogres have pockets? Why? My brain, it burns.

    As a side note, I’ve died so much in Blackrock that I actually know how to get back to the instance.

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