#215 Children Week

It is the first week of May, the sun is shining and everyone is outside enjoying the day with their orphans exploring the world around them. That must mean that it’s Children Week to WoW or as I call it Stay-away-from-the-PvP-community-week!

Awww these little are seems to grow up so fast.

Awww these little are seems to grow up so fast.


This is the time where the heroes of Azeroth temporarily adopt an orphan and show the little NPC the world in an extravagant sightseeing tour that showcases you and the young ones the lesser known part of the world, introducing them influential members of Azeroth with special events that is only available for this event.

I was happy to get involved in this holiday, because  is a nice change of pace from my recent gameplay have been revolved around sitting in Stormwind zoning in and out of dungeons. It was fun exploring the different parts of the world, revisiting the different areas of Azeorth that you might not be tempted to go to without this quest.

the best part of re-exploring the world is not the main objective and the choice of pets you get as the reward, but instead the little things you did not notice the first time passing through.

For example it took the Outland orphan quest chain to made me realize that I am spoiled by Catalysms’s and Pandaria’s flight paths

I honestly thought that I missed some Flight path points when I opened up the map for the first time

I honestly thought that I missed some Flight path points when I opened up the map for the first time

And I also found out that there is a vendor in Stromwind that sells the Blue and Red War Fuel for the Warbot. The pet and the War Fuel was a promotional giveaway from Blizzard with they teamed up with Mountain Dew for their Warcraft gamer fuel promotion.




The gimmick was that you could fill your warbot with one of the two favors and if your warbot ran into another warbot with a different flavor, they would fire missiles at each other until only one was left standing.

I kept a few stacks of recently un-discontinued fuel in my bank as a relic of a the past, always afraid of wasting them, but now? Oh, I’m going to keep my little Warbot out all the time, in the hopes of meeting another warbot in the streets.


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  1. Whoa!! Thanks for the info on the warbot fuel. Whee!! Lookout, it’s funtime again.

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