#214 A rant on the Guild Invite addon

This weekend my warcraft gameplay revolved around leveling my Pandaren monk through the Looking for Group service to take full advantage of the monk’s 50% Exp boost that I have been so fondly using every chance I can get.

I, like many healers, like to play a game to see how low the tank's HP can get in a boss fight before healing them up. I'm not very good at it

I, like many healers, like to play a game to see how low the tank’s HP can get in a boss fight before healing them up.
I’m not very good at it

Soon after I zoned into the first insistence I remembered exactly why I lost interest  playing on my Mistweaver. See, my monk is not a part of a guild at the moment and because of that every time I zone I enter a new server I am bombarded with private messages and guild invited asking me if I want to join their “Level X, causal progression guild with Fast Track buffs and free armor repairs” and because I am a persistent player, I have refused each and every one of those guild invites, determined not to give in to the constant demand and validate these guild reciters actions with one more person added to their roster.

It seems odd, but I am not against spamming for your raid or your guild. I was around for the end of Burning Crusade and experienced the first two-thirds into Wrath of the Lich King expansions (before 3.3’s cross server’s ) I know that spamming is an important part of finding other players who are interested in joining your guild or your pick up group to complete the daily heroic quest. What I do not like about this givinte addon is that it takes all the effort away from spamming people.

I know it's an app, but that's no excuse to be lazy.

I know it’s an app, but that is no excuse to be lazy.

Not to sound like an grumpy old man but back in the day if you wanted someone to join your guild you would have to go to the major cities and have a nice little elevator speech ready for trade chat. You would have to either manually type it out every-time or click a marco that you prepared before hand. The important thing back then was that you had to be there, giving up a bit of your potential play time to find these people there was a choice to be made there.

But now there is not lost in game play, no matter where the recruiters are they can send out an automatic guild invites and messages to anyone, anywhere. It is all automatic now, and I am not alone when I ask for Blizzard to step in and address this this player created issue that has touched every server in Warcraft.


But I want to know what you think. What is your opinion to the Ginivte addons? and Do you think Blizzard should step in and set regulations on how many guild invites you can send out? or do you think that it’s the players responsibly  to find a relief to the constant whispers?



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6 responses to “#214 A rant on the Guild Invite addon

  1. Generally if I have a character that isn’t already in guild and just running around, I turn on the Guild Invitation to ignore the constant spamming. I created a couple of characters yesterday for giggles and grins and had them running around and I can’t even begin to tell you how many invitations they got. Blizzard already has a tool in place to help you to avoid these constant invitations.

  2. You can pretty easily block the auto invites in the interface settings. It’s the auto whispers that really irritate me, because there’s no easy way to block them.

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