#213 Shared Topic: My Top Three

This archived Blog Azeroth Shared topic asks the question:

What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose? Tell us a story, what makes them so special and as always illustrate with screenshots

I logged on to my main mage to look through the items in my bank and inventory to find my three favorite items that I collected from the years of playing this game.

The first favorite toy in my possession is the Pony Keg. Brewfest was the first holiday that I experience while playing WoW and I was able to get this awesome item as a souvenir from partisipating in the festivities.

It is always a fun time when I break out the free brew to all the raiders and get them all wasted before a major boss fight, especially with the people in the Raid Finder runs.

pumpkin sold separately

pumpkin sold separately


The second favorite item in my bank is the Head of Onyxia item that starts the level 60 turn in quest.

Before the Wrath patch that bumped up the Onyxia level 60 forty man raid to level 80 ten and twenty-five man raid my high-school friends would hop on our level 70’s and 80’s every weekend and participate in countless runs of ZG and Onyxia’s Lair. We ran it so many times that we all were able to get the quest item. I kept mine in the bank because I knew it was going to be phased out soon and I wanted to keep it as a memento of an earlier time in WoW. This is one of the few items that I own that can not be recollected if lost.


It's a rare part of Warcraft's history.  P.S I know this is Nefarian's head but I dont have a sreenshot of me turning completing Ony's quest

It’s a rare part of Warcraft’s history.
P.S I know this is Nefarian’s head but I don’t have a screenshot of me turning completing Ony’s quest.


The my favorite item is a toss-up between the Lament of the Highborne book, a reward from one of the best quests in Burning Crusade, and the Goblin Smasher.


Such a good song

Such a good song


Both items were collected back when I was on the Horde side back when I was trying to get Loremaster, before Cataclysm, and when I switched factions these items  some how stayed in my inventory. The book is an awesome bit of Horde and Warcraft 3 Lore. The Goblin Smasher is just an awesome Horde, exclusive weapon, to own as a member of the Alliance. I just which that  mages could equip maces just so I could use the transmog service to make that be the last weapon I would ever wield for the rest of my life.


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