#212 Expanding my Mount Collection while Shrinking the Bank

One of the benefits of  completing months and months of dailies is that I have ended up with quite a bit of gold that has just been sitting in my inventory just waiting to be spent on something other than my repair bill.

I then remembered that I am currently trying to get two hundred mounts in my collection by the time patch 5.3 and the Mount Parade achievement leaves the PTR and lands on the live servers.

It is sad to say that I have not made much progress in my collection after I first heard about the additional mount collecting achievement but this week I went out and changed that, by dropping a whole lot of gold to go on a mount shopping spree from all around Azeroth.

The first vendor I visited was the Klaxxi Quatermaster since I just reached exalted with them and I was fresh off the heels of the end of fraction grind quest and story line.


After that I was off to Kun-Lai Summit to visit the The Grummle Brazaar to pick up the other affordable yak mount.


Then revisited the Order of the Cloud Serpent to pick up the Gold Cloud Serpent and the Jade Cloud Serpent to complete my collection


Comes in Nacho Cheese flavor

reminds me of a Superman / Batman story that focuses on what people thought was a jade statue.

reminds me of a Superman / Batman story that focuses on what people thought was a jade statue.

For my last mount I went back to Azeroth proper to the Stormwind’s Auction house to pick up a Jewel Crafter’s Sapphire Panther mount.


I’m not going to try to get the onmi-black panther since that calls for the destruction of the other four color mounts

In one day I was able to send a few thousand of gold back into the ether and sent about twenty thousand gold back into the server’s market to bump up my mount score by five to a grand total of 157. I still have to get the mounts from the Shado-pan, Kirin Tor Offensive, The Anglers and the August Celestials reputations but I would be a fool to say that would be enough to come anywhere near enough for me to reach my goal.

It looks like I am going to have go back to older content to pick up the mounts that was too difficult mount to collect since the last time I picked up the mount collecting hobby and that means revisiting some unpleasant zones.

but It''l be worth it in the end... that's what I keep telling myself

but it’ll be worth it in the end… that’s what I keep telling myself

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