#210 Where is Blizzard All-Stars?

This might be bringing up a bit of forgotten history but I still remember Blizzard’s plan to development and release their own Moba game to complete with League, Smite, and Dota 2. I bring this up because I still really want to play this game.

playing as thrall, fighting along side with Varian Wrynn to gank Diablo himself would be amazing

playing as thrall, working with Varian Wrynn to coordinate a  gank on Diablo himself while he is roaming in your jungle is beyond amazing


This game was first announced at BlizzCon 2010 and the main appeal of this Blizzard standalone game is that it would run on the Starcraft engine, very reminiscent of the original Dota on starting on the Warcraft III game. Readers would know that I was willing to put money down that Blizzard’s announcement  at PAXEast would mention a bit about the game’s development or even a possible release date of Blizzard All-Stars to build their player base leading up to Blizzcon 2013. As everyone knows the announcement had nothing to do with the moba and looking back,  I am kicking myself since I had a perfect opportunity to ask one of the major game developers at Blizzard’s booth the statue of this game but I was too preoccupied by the Heathstone game, the D3PS3 testing, and literally everything else at the expo at to asked any of the Blizzard Employees about the game.


Blizzard does have an audience, and they do have a media outlet for thegame after buying the IGN Pro League.

Blizzard does have an audience, and they do have a media outlet for the game after just buying the IGN Pro League.


I am excited for the Hearthstone game but I would like a status update on this game, even if it is a  certificate of death.


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2 responses to “#210 Where is Blizzard All-Stars?

  1. I all but forgot about that. I have not heard anything about that game in years.
    I hope they are still planing on putting it out, that would be a great game for me as I often don’t have much time to settle in for many hours of gamming.

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