#209 The Agents of the Raid on Orgrimmar

The last solo scenario in the Isle of Thunder, The Fall of Shan Bu, offered up some interesting character development for the faction leaders and possibly some closure between Jaina Proudmoore, leader of the Kirin Tor and Themar Theron, the leader of the Blood elves and the Sunreaver Onslaught.

If you missed the conversation after defeating the Shan Bu the Alliance and Horde forces were just about wage are on each other in the courtyard.The only thing that stopped area from becoming a battle field was the leader of the Shado-pan, Taran Zhu,who was severely wounded from the last fight demanding that both sides put a side their differences and walk away from the confrontation, thus breaking the circle of violence and hatred.

thunder dialoge

The two forces decided the walk away, but not without casting a bit of foreshadowing for events later in this expansion

This last chapter of the patch really got me thinking about the much-anticipated raid on Hellscream’s Orgrimmar and the various roles the agents from both factions will play, especially with the news of the next patch about Garrosh and the trolls.

My question is not who’s going to be invited to the lets-bash-Garrosh’s-face party (because everyone already RSVP’d) but who will be the major players and what do they want coming out of coming out of the raid?

This will be the point where I put on the fortune-telling hat, be warned these are just my speculations

I am willing to bet that during the raid on Orgrimmar patch, with I hope a new daily hub added too, will have both factions dealing with two different leaders with two completely different means to an end of Garrosh’s reign.

On one hand we have to have a logical, tactical leaders, they will be the ones overlooking the respective player’s involvement and planning strategic attacks on Garrosh’s army. This person wants to see Garrosh impeached and ultimately send the Horde back on the tracks to becoming more of the controlled faction. It would not be a stretch to say that both Jiana and Themar will take this role since, from what we saw in the scenario, they are the ones most willing to set their differences aside for the common good despite what their generals wishes  This would also bring Jiana’s development this expansion full circle.

But in this a war, and you can not expect everyone to play fair because not everyone can put aside their emotions and think clearly and act fairly when going to war. These people will provide a counterbalance, and possibly acts that will be counter-intuitive to the progress of Jaina or Themar. For this roles needs to be filled by someone who has been personally wronged by Garrosh, and if you know about any of the history of Horde and Alliance members you know that there are leaders that has some serious resentment against the leaders.

We have both Vereesa Windrunner and Vol’jin which both of them have been  wronged by Garrosh, by having becoming a widow and having an assassination being sent out respectively. I have a feeling that these two characters are going to try to do whatever it takes to take out Garrosh, permanently, and achieving that  by whatever it takes and either destroying the horde ( by the wish of Vereesa Windrunner) or claim the position  of warchief  and stablizing the horde’s future (Voljin). I would not put it pass either of them that they would be desperate enough to use some of the more dangerous mugo artifacts that we recovered from the Isle of Thunder expedition.

Whats the point of collecting all those necklaces and weapons if they don't show up again?

I mean whats the point of collecting all those necklaces and weapons if they don’t show up again?

That’s way both forces get the Super Ego and the Id of the main operations and that would leave you to be the mitigator  between the two leaders.

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