#206 Darkmoon Faire Rises

It is the first week of the month of April and that means that the Darkmoon Faire has reopened their portals to the island, because of one thing or another I have not been able to attend the Faire on any of my characters for a few months and it started to show in my inventory with all the Soothsayer’s Runes just sitting around in my backpack.

This month I went out of my to make sure that I visited the island to play some of their mini-games and win tickets. While there are no new mounts to collect to get me closer to the two the hundred mount goal, the vendors does offer balloons and rare pets.

I am not getting excited over the hats because I don't play tf2.

I am not getting excited over the hats because I don’t play TF2.

Since I was in the neighborhood I also swung by the cave at the far end of the island to check in and see if my favorite Monty Python reference has spawned.

nope those rare migrating coconuts are not here

nope those rare migrating coconuts are not here

During this week I also hopped on my Pandaren monk to take advantage of the experience point buff from the carousel.


it doesn't look like it, but this monk is both enlightened and having fun. You just can't see it.

It doesn’t look like it, but this monk is both enlightened and having fun. 


On my monk, I’m working with the +50% boost that I get from the monk-exclusive Enlightenment daily, the 10% buff from having fun on the Carousel and  another 35%  XP increase by wearing my heirloom gear. If I did the math right I get a grand total of 95% extra experience points from every monster I slay or quest I complete. Blimey, no wonder there are so many max level monks on my server.


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5 responses to “#206 Darkmoon Faire Rises

  1. Ha! 95% xp bonus, that’s ridiculous. I didn’t know about the carousel when I was levelling my monk, whoops!

    I really need to do some darkmoon faire though, I’m pretty sure my panda has no knowledge of the place!

  2. /sigh I really need to start on DMF – I just haven’t got into it. Maybe it’s because I don’t like fairground games anyway? The mounts are a selling point but they just seem so far away!

    And yes, the xp buffs make levelling crazy-fast (made up word for you there!). I can’t decide how I feel about that…

    • I’m in the same boat as you, the XP has been the major draw to the event. It may not be used as much as I or another players might like, but I think it adds to the game to have a special little thing for the bored or progressing players.

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