#203 Mounts on Parade

A new content patch is coming down the PTR pipelines and with that comes; new raiding content, new achievements, a whole heap of PvP changes (which I am not going to touch on this blog), new pets and mounts, and a new mount collecting achievement.

That’s right fellow mount collectors, we are getting another milestone to compare ourselves against other mount collectors and other players on the servers, rejoice because this is one of the best pieces of WoW news I have heard all week.

The most recent mount collecting achievement was added in Patch 5.1 by the name of, “We’re Going to Need More Saddles” that gave a Jade Pandaren Kite Mount for collecting a hundred and fifty mounts.




The problem occurred was that after two full expansions between We’re Going to Need More Saddles and the Mountain of Mounts achievement (the hundred mount achievement added in Wrath) that many mount collectors, including yours truly, already completed the hundred and fifty mounts the day the achievement arrived on the live servers, providing no challenge to get this new exclusive mount. The mount collectors then took to the  forums posts asking Blizzard if there was more mount achievements in development with a high level of difficultly to complete.

Now it seems that we have our pleas have been answered. The new collecting achievement in Patch 5.3 is called Mount Parade, and it asks players to go out and try to obtain a whopping total of two hundred mounts to their stable.

The reward for collecting all those mounts will be, in what I hope is a nod to Warth’s Mountain of Mounts rewards, an armored Dragonhawk mount, coming in your favorite faction’s colors.



I do like the improvements to the Dragonhawk skin


This one announcement had jumped all the way up to the top of the list of my reason to play WoW, which is awesome because I been lacking a tangible objective to work towards outside of raiding.  The amazing thing is, that now I actually need to go out of my way and work to get new mounts, something I have not done since high school.


The current standing is that I am at 152 out of the 200 mounts.

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