#202 More Fun with Pet Battle Teams

Over the weekend, as I was back home for Easter break, I decided to take another look at the Pet Battle mini-game.

And when I say “take another look at” I don’t mean picking up where I left off, leveling my pets to their higher levels in order to learn more moves and be able to face against new and tougher pets in different areas. No, what I mean by taking another look is that I want to create new and creative pet teams from my own pet roster of Battle Pets.

The first team I’m creating is something I am calling Turtle Power.


I used Toxic Wasteling, Speedy, and a Stormwind Rat to make this team. Bonus points to anyone in the comments who can tell me who the bunny is supposed to represent.

The next team I created is a Pet Battle team called, “Return to Hyjal.”

Better hyjal


This team consists of a Core Hound Pup, Great Horned Owl, and a Hyjal Bear Cub which helps to recreate some of the memories of one of the best daily hubs in the previous expansion.

The last team is what I call, “First day of Spring in New England”

First day of Spring in New England
This team consists of the Tiny Snowman, Baby Blizzard Bear, and Mr. Chilly which all remind me about how cold New Hampshire it is when it is supposed to have bright and beautiful Spring weather.

Those are all the Pet Battles teams I have come up with for now.  I’m sure there are more novelty teams that can be made from the vast collection of pets out there. If you have a fun team you’ve created with your own pet collection, describe it in the comments below. I’m interested to see if I am the only one that does this.


Edit: It seems that while I was writing this post, the people at WoWhead data-mined some Wrathion voice files for Patch 5.3. The Video can be found HERE. There is good and interesting teasers from the files that I will be discussing in the next blog post. 

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One response to “#202 More Fun with Pet Battle Teams

  1. Right now I’m using my Team of Winnarz, which consists of:
    Mechnugget, the Robo-chick
    Derpimer Jr., the Westfall Chicken
    Crabcakes, the Shore Crab

    I’ve got Team Creepypasta, which has things like spiders and the Lost of Lordaeron. I want to make a Team “Same Thing We Do Every Night,” which will consist of a Undercity Rat, a Stormwind Rat, and something else that I havcen’t picke dyet.

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