#199 Post-PAX Post (and mini-first impression of Hearthstone)

PAX East 2013 has come to an end and now I face the transition back to normal life while fighting caffeine withdrawals and rehydrating my body from a jammed packed, star-studded, three-day weekend.

Over the weekend I was able to sit in on some amazing panels, listening to the inner workings of video game journalism and got to see what potential new paths the next generation of MMO’s are going in MMORPG’s Future of MMOs.

It wasn’t all just panels for me, I was able to get signatures from all sorts of famous people in the geeky world from Zarhym to M.C Frontalot and even adding another piece of signed work from Bill Amend, the creator of FOX Trot.


One of my regrets was not bringing along an actual camera (all of these were taken on my smart phone)

I even got to drink with some of the employees of Riot at their bar hopping event.

But this was a video game expo, so I also spent a good chunk of my time playing the video games the developers had on display on the floor. Many of them were still in beta, because where’s a better place to find hundreds of beta testers than PAX? I signed up to for all the beta test trails I could get my hands on with the plan to write-up a first impressions for all of you guys, because what’s the point of playing betas if you can’t tell anyone about it?

Out of all of the games I played, there were a few that stood out that I would be really interested in playing further, the games were too numerous to list but the top three are WildStar, Marvel’s Heroes, and Smashmuck Champions.

But there was another game that was announced at PAX East by a major game company right?  Something that was announced by a company that I been writing about for the past year or so right? Oh yeah… Blizzard’s newest Collectible (electronic) Card Game, HearthStone, Heroes of Warcraft.


As luck would have it I was able to get my hands on a playable build that was showcased at expo floor, but because of the number of other people in line I was only to play one card game, so I can only offer a mini-first impression.

The game itself was easy to pick up from the get go, but that might just because I have played my fair share of Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh but it was built so that anyone could easily figure out the formula for the game.

Draw a card, summon monsters, cast spells, order your monsters to attack, end turn. Repeat.

What is unique in Hearthstone, compared to the other cards games I have played, is that at the start off each game each player chose one of the class champions (Druid, Warlock, Mage, Warrior, Death-knight…etc) each with their own special spell that is exclusive to them. I naturally picked Jaina Proudmoore (the mage) while the player I went up against picked Gul’dan (the warlock) and the objective is to whittle down the enemy’s 30 health points to zero.

Jaina Proudmoore has a spell  that hauled a fireball that dealt two damage to any monsters or to the enemy player, while Gul’dan had an ability that lets the player sacrifices two health points to draw an extra card, both did fit into the main feel of the classes in WoW.
The game was quick and I dominated the other player (I thank RNG for my success)

Oh yeah, taking pictures of the game on my phone.

Oh yes, taking pictures of the game on my phone, I’m a legit blogger.

For now, I will be holding off on any further comments of Blizzard’s new game until I can play with it some more, either in the beta or whenever the finished game is released onto the market.

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