#197 Pillaging from the Troves of the Thunder King

A few days ago I was on the Isle of Thunder doing the saurok section of the dailies with one of my friends because we heard that part three of the island just opened up and we both wanted to see the advancement in the island.


Oh, Blizzard. You know I'm a sucker for famous Cold War Speeches.

Oh, Blizzard. You know I’m a sucker for famous Cold War Speeches.


While I was there, recovering the Covenant Constructs around the beach, I saw a group of people gathering on the beach, and to my delight I saw a raid worth of people all fighting one of the rares of the island, the Haywire Sunreaver Construct.


I'm trying to make "a raid worth of people" a thing on the Warcraft blogosphere. pass it on

I’m trying to make “a raid worth of people” a thing on the Warcraft blogosphere. pass it on

After an epic fight we were able to all loot the body and while I did not get the pet version of him, I did get the equally rare Key to the Palace of Lei Shen as an awesome consolation prize.

I mentioned this before, but the key is only dropped by the rares on the island or in the treasure chests that randomly spawns around the zone. That key lets you enter a solo scenario where the main point is to steal as much as you can from the  Thunder King’s personal booby-trapped treasure room.

A quick trip to the Shado-Pan’s stronghold I was able to queue up for the event.



Inside I was given five minutes to, and I quote “grab as much treasure as you can…” and I can say it was one of the best five minutes of any instanced event I have ever played in Warcraft.

While I could not get pass the first room I was running around like a mad man opening up chests that were scattered all over the room, tying to run around the moving statues, blinking through the lighting orbs and killing any type of spiders that dared tried to slow me down.


It's a like being Robin Hood, but you just give the gold to yourself.

It’s a like being Robin Hood, but you just give the gold to yourself.


After the five minutes I walked away with a few hundred gold and about ten Elder charms of Good Fortune and out of those two I was more excited of the Elder Charms because I still need some old 5.0 gear and  since Blizzard removed the weekly turn-in quest at the main city my attempts of getting the armor has been unfruitful.

I like Blizzard’s new direction of scenarios in this patch, and I hope that they continue using these personal experiences to further the plot of the current story and for these fun little runs whose sole purpose is to line the player’s wallets with a little extra gold. 


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