#196 Reboarding the USS Friendship

Last week my friend surprised me with the announcement that he resubscribed to World of Warcraft. As long time readers would remember he was a same one that I set sailed on the USS Friend at the beginning of the expansion (see Be MOP #125)

We started off trying to level some preexisting horde members but the level gap was too great and I have not touched my Deathknight  since ….what? Wrath of the Lich King.


It always surprise me the amount of addons I accidentally level on when starting a new character.


After comparing characters we faced the reality that we had characters at different levels and ilvls, I only had two nineties and some low levels and his max level character has just entered Raid Finder while I’m working through of the heart of fear.

The only reasonable conclusion we reached was to roll a few Pandarens and group together through the Wandering Isle to quest through the story of how the new races ended up to Azeroth and why they joined the Horde and Alliance factions.





Since I already leveled a DPS and a tank I wanted this new character to be healing so I chose a Monk while my friend picked a Shaman with the intent to leveling through the Looking for Group service together.


I will be seeing this stance for a lot of time.

I will be seeing this stance for a lot of time.


Sadly, we both commit the deadly sin of having wearing cloth heirlooms while working through the instances. To my readers and the hundreds of people I will meet in the LFG dungeons, I regret nothing.

We are currently level 22 and I am enjoying daily Monk quest that rewards you with the +50% boost in experience on top of the +35% exp bonus from the heirlooms.

If you were wondering about what show I would be watching, and because I am in going to be fulfilling the healer role in dungeons I decided to watch Scrubs.



I can’t do this all on my own. No, I know. I’m no Superman….the motto of my healer in the LFG.


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