#195 The Farming Changes to The Good Earth

One of the other major non-sequitur advancement added to the game in Patch 5.2 is the changes to the farm in the Valley of the Four Wind. With the arrival of the Thunder King’s reign it also comes out with the option to transfer the ownership of Farmer Yoon’s farm to you, the player.

For a while on the PTR server, that Farmer Yoon was willing to part with the farm that his family gave to him for a rather hefty chunk of gold. That was soon changed before hitting the live servers (which was a good thing because I was getting flash back to my High-school English class’s the Good Earth readings).

As it stands now, there is a quest where the tillers opened their ranks and invited Farmers Yoon to their membership, but because someone cannot be one of the head farmers and manage your own personal farm at the same time, Yoon gives you the deed to the plot of land for you to continue tending the crop and further the legacy.



I completely believe that the new inn that you get with the farm is the game developers pulling a player-housing joke on us.


The changing of the hands, the farm goes through some changes, instead of Farmer’s Yoon’s daily quest asking you to plant various produce to impress other farmers we now get the post that holds multiple work orders from factions from Pandaria.


I believe this will get all of my August Celestials reputation

I believe this will get all of my August Celestials reputation


With the maximum amount of land unlocked, the average player can fill two food orders at a time and you get to pick the plentiful produce you will get 400 reputation each at the end of the day.

While we are talking about farming Blizzard decided to bless the players returning back to their newly owned farm with buffing the farming game-play that now address the pester problems that pop up on the untilled soil.

My favorite buff is, while plowing over a vermin-infested soil, the plow will now pop those vermin out of the ground, stun them, and automatically bring them down to 30% health, which was a change that needed to be added the moment after the game spawned  three of vile vermins on the farm. 

Now the question is, will this get me back into farming?

To this I will say yes, but only until I get to exalted with all of the reputations in the expansion. Before I received the land I maxed out my cooking skill and I already have the recipes and  plenty of materials for raid worthy Banquets.

I have no interest to actually farming the land to farm the player market on the auction house, but I will appreciate the changes to the farm.


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