#194 First impressions of Stage One and Two of the Isle of Thunder

Patch 5.2 has been on the live servers for more than a week and with that I believe there have been enough time have passed to properly reflex on the first few stages of the Isle of Thunder.

On the island your mission is to aid either the Sunreaver Onslaught if you are a Horde player or the neutral-no-longer Kirin Tor Offensive if you are a card-carrying member of the Alliance  to explore the island and “take care of” the Thunder King’s mogu and troll forces while trying to push further into his palace.

all while meeting up with some old NPC

all while meeting up with some old NPCs

The first thing I realized with my first steps on the island was the amount of new dailies the zone offers is staggering. The first stage offered three mini-quest hub all over the island and the game developers did an excellent job planning the island with designing the different segments populated with the different monsters and it never overlaps with each other. It really makes the zone feel much bigger than it actually is.

I'm like Curt Connors!

I fell like Curt Connors!

The major draw of this island is that the map is gated, and the only way to process is having the entire player base to help the faction’s development by doing the new dailies, similar to Isles of Quel’danas but with hard caps on the days progression so that everyone can see the advancements unfold over the course of the weeks.

Between Monday, the day this post was supposed to go up, and today my server unlocked the next stage of the island that shows the Alliance invading a troll stronghold to set and claiming it as their own base of operations. To my pleasant  surprise the whole encounter took place in a solo-queued scenario where I teamed up with Veressa Windrunner to take on all the trolls in that area.

That whole experience helped reinforced the idea that I am not just a low ranking soldier, but an actual hero worth some value in the eyes of the leaders.

She likes my style!

She likes my style!

The other thing I noticed was the amount of gold I was making with each trip to the Isle of Thunder. The new area offers 11 dailies that rewards 19.84 gold and an extra final daily with a reward of 24.72 gold and a treasure chest that has, you guessed it, more gold with a chance to loot some additional goodies. I did the math and each day complete those dailies I walk away with about 278 gold. That may be the normal rate for other daily hubs but now that I have the motivation to go each day I have noticed my virtual pockets being weighed down with the excess gold.

The one complaint I had with the island was that focused on the on the exploration of the island, mowing down the enemy’s forces on there is no mention of the other faction’s development or presence at all. It was a good thing that I held on to this post for a few days because stage two of the Isles of Thunder gives the players a choice of a PvE dailies that follows up on the stage one development while the PvP dailies ask you to try stop the Sunreaver’s forces.




The cool thing is that if you choose the new PvP dailies, the quest rewards honor and conquest points and accepting these quests will automatically flag you for PvP no matter what server you are on, and while I am a raider, and thus have no use for either honor or conquest points, I have noticed that I have been choosing the PvP dailies over the PvE ones just for the chance to run into other Horde players.

I am going to hold on to any other opinions, and expectation of the Isle of Thunder dailies until everything is unlocked for a proper retrospective. Till then, Lady Proudmoore needs me to deliver revenge for Theramore.


I’ll see you guys Friday.

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2 responses to “#194 First impressions of Stage One and Two of the Isle of Thunder

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  2. I have been neglecting your Blog a little lately, some great posts I have just caught up on today. I have been fighting with a Boomkin set+rotation in a somewhat fail attempt to be a competent range dps….I hope it gets better soon!

    If you want some help with the isle of dinos drop me a line, happy to go find some bones with you!

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