#189 /Played

World of Warcraft is not the only game that I play in my spare time. I have Warcraft III, a whole scrolling bar of games tied to my Steam account, and my favorite pvp game, Riot’s  League of Legends.

Yesterday my friend sent me a link to a third-party League of Legends website, LoLQuickfind, that was able to search through the public information on Riot’s servers to give me an actuate picture of my gaming history.

lol noah

There was my total Influence Points that I earned, all the win-lose information, and lists all the champions that I have ever played. The website also told me the exact date when I joined the League community, which according to the site I started in September 2011 which makes my account’s age at about 1 year and 5 months.

It was an enlightening experience, looking at my detailed past and it has perked my curiosity about my Warcraft past. I did something that do not do that often, I typed “/played” on my druid and on my mage.

On my druid, the game server told me that I have invested 5 days and 21 hours into leveling that little tanking beast, while on my main mage, the one that I have been constantly playing since I started my Warcraft subscription back in 2007 the game told me that I have been conjuring food and throwing fireballs for 157 days and 11 hours (with six and a half of those days being spent at level 90)

Because pics or it didn't happen

Because pics or it didn’t happen

That adds up to a bit more than 162 days of time of  playing this one game, that translate into about five months. While that seems like a lot of time sitting in front of a computer playing a game, and many people would see it as a time sink. I tend to view it as  3,888 hours of saving the world, or  233,280 minutes of traveling through  and experiencing Azeroth, meeting other Warcraft fans inside and outside of the game,  and even creating some of my own epic stories. Which if in that tense, it is no different from what a avid reader does when they read a good book series. I do wonder if I actually achieve one full year of game-play.

I did the awesome math, and if I continuous cast the Arcane Missile over those 162 days I would have sent out  34 million and 992 thousand missiles.

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Mathematical time!

233280(minutes) * 60 = 13996800 seconds /2 (Arcane Missile cast time) = 6998400 * 5 (missiles per wave)= 34992000 missiles.



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4 responses to “#189 /Played

  1. I’m scared to look at my /played !

  2. aqusinna

    233280(minutes) * 60 = 13996800 seconds /20 (Time to fully eat a feast) = 699840 Feasts consumed.

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