#184 Shared Topic: Favorites of the collection

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared topic comes from me with the question:

World of Warcraft has added many different items for players to collect, whether it be collecting pets, mounts, transmog gear or knickknacks about the lore. This week’s topic asks what you do collect in the game and what is your prized item from that collection?

My personal collection obsessions has, is, and always will be about collecting the various mounts in the game. Over the years of hunting down those mighty steeds I have amassed quiet a full stable. Many of my mounts have stories attached to them, there are some where I spent months trying to get and others  that costed me countless gold to obtain.

Most of the mounts do not have any stories at all, but I am grateful for all of them. To quote Strongbad, these mounts “are like my childens. I love them all! But if I had to play favorites…..” 

I would have to pick two mount, one from my flying mount collection and one land mount collection.

For my flying mount I will always choose the SandStone Drake. It was my only Stonedrake that I could get in Cataclysms and is one of my favorite reskin  of one of Blizzard’s oldest dragon model.


Talk about bling

Not to mention I bought this mount for this mount at the start of Cata back when all the materials were still ridiculously expensive thanks to the expansion launch market bubble, not to mention that it transform me into a dragon and I can offer free rides to my friends and take them anywhere in the world.

For the land mount, my favorite has to be the Deathcharger’s Reins, this choice was highly influenced by nostalgia.

When first played the game I rolled a Forsaken and the Red Skeletal Horse was my first mount I bought when I reached level 40 (back when the 60% riding skill requires you to be level 40). When I was level 60 with some more gold in my pocket I went back and bought the Purple Skeletal Warhorse.

Since I switched the Alliance those two Skeletal Horses left my collection, all I have is Baron Rivendare‘s mount to remind me of my earlier years.


That and it beyond awesome.

That, and it looks beyond awesome.


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