#182 Trying to fall back in love with the Love in the Air event

The Darkmoon Faire carnies have brought down their tents, closed the portal to  Darkmoon Island and the Lunar Elders have decided to go back home after their day in the sun  moonlight. And mimicking the commercialism trends here  in the states the next major Warcraft event is following on the heels of the Elders, that’s right! The Love is in the Air event has swept the two factions cities in clouds of perfume and cologne.

If you read my Lunar Festival post last week you know my disinterest that holiday for this year since I have done all of the achievements, visited all the Elders, and collected all of the collectibles and pets that I could get. The same goes for The Love is in the Air event as well  I earned all of the achievements back in 2010 and last year I was lucky enough to get the two epic mounts from the boss’s chocolate boxes and from saving up all those love tokens.  

My priest got so jealous when he found out that I won this mount

My priest friend got so jealous when he found out that I won this mount

I was going to let this event also pass me by with absolutely no interaction with the event, but then I heard a little voice in my head, “But Spencer, you seem to have forgotten that oh so famous saying, ‘always enjoy the little things in life’.” The more I thought about it, the more that voice was right! I spent too much time during the Lunar Festival looking at the big picture, only looking at  the achievements and what event can do for me.

Which is a terrible outlook on the game and on life in general. Which resulted in this time to take time out of my day to appreciate the little things about the Valentine Day event instead of focusing on the achievements that I have already done or the daily quests grinds that I have no interest in doing again. 

Instead, this time I am going to play the game that I would normally would and appreciate the little things. Like how the game developers placed the code into the game to have the holiday decoration show up in Pandaria, not just placing the hearts and banners at the Alliance settlements and the new capital city, but the in the other race’s towns too, including the Pandarens and Klaxxi.

It's a nice touch

It’s a nice touch

I also will be using one of the favorite lesser known treasures of this holiday, the two seating boats.

I don’t remember reading anywhere that Blizzard added these love boats on the news sites, but one day while I was running around in Undercity on my mage -back when I in wrath when I was a horde- I stumbled upon these wooden boats that were magically propelling themselves through the green goo.

This has to be one of my favorite little treasures of any of the holiday Easter Eggs, even better than the AV’s snowballIt is very hard to be surprised in a mmo now a days.  

I really wish that I could find a screenshot of me as an undead.

Since then every love is in the air event I was always make sure to visit these boats and just relax for just a little bit.

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4 responses to “#182 Trying to fall back in love with the Love in the Air event

  1. Meet me in Darnassus tonight at 10, would be nice to have a hunky Space Goat to cuddle with on that boat ❤

  2. I did not know you had that mount! OMG it EXISTS!

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