#180 Walking down the memory lane I never been down before

Last weekend I partook in my favorite activity that a dirt poor college student can do on a free weekend, go out shopping at the local thrift store. Despite what some people would like about second-hand stores I love browsing the shelves in hopes for finding the some hidden gems at a discounted price. On that day the thrift-store gods smiled upon me because I came across these treasures.


I bought the two right away and I checked out my loot once I got home, something I should have done at the store, The game Discs for Warcraft 3 and the expansion looked fine, along with the two strategy guides and whoa! a 7 day trial to their new game, “WORLD of Warcraft”


I never played any of the Warcraft games when I was younger, growing up in a big family there was no gaming computers, to be the most cost-effective my parents bought us the Nintendo games that had multiplayer support.

many arguments were settled by using this game, and so many more arguments started over the game

I was hesitant to buy the game second-hand, especially since we live in a world of DRM, but I took a chance on the $9 price for the sake of a potential blog post (mission accomplished) if worst comes to worst I could try to offer some “ technical persuasion” to get the game to play even if the codes were no longer valid. Now knowing how well praised the game and the expansion was and how this game was the starting point of both the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and the Mists of Pandaria expansion (and begun the M.O.B.A A.R.T.S genera) I realized that I had to buy it even if the activation codes were already used.

But I am always the optimistic one in the p.u.g.  I decided to log in to my Battlenet account and test my luck with the CD-Key codes on the cover and as luck would have it, both were valid!

I think I just used up all the luck that I’ll only be getting old from the lucky coin rolls for the rest of my life.

I think I just used up all the luck that I’ll only be getting gold from the Elder Charm of Good Fortune  rolls for the rest of my

Yes thanks to the previous owner and a lucky buy I was able to get two games for half of the price of the normal retail price. Now if you excuse me I and going to play through the two games with only the guides included and try to put myself into the mindset of eleven year old me.

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4 responses to “#180 Walking down the memory lane I never been down before

  1. SPACEBALLS!!!! Havnt seen that in years! Its just awesome!

  2. aqusinna

    Ever watch Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century?

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