#178 My compliments to the New Reputation-Reward System

I mentioned before that I reached exalted with the Golden Lotus reputation a while ago and once my mage got the achievement I received the quest, The Mogu’s Message, that asked me to check on the artifacts of the Thunder King that I and the members of the Golden Lotus have been collecting over the course of the reputation grind.

The quest stayed in my quest log for the week until the weekend when I had some down time and one of my regrets was not starting this quest as soon as I got it. It was soon revealed to me that the treasures were re-stolen by a squad of mogu loyal to the Thunder King. To distract the Golden Lotus army from recapturing those weapons the mogu launched a full-scale assault on the Vale of Eternal Blossom. The quest then lead to The Might of Three, where I was asked to go around killing 100 mogu while the August Celestials bestowed their powers upon me.


That was the highlight of my day, running around casting any type spells that I liked, just to get the amazing proc.

After slaying one hundred mogu invaders I was asked to go toe to toe with the Warlord  Zhao-Jin. After emerging victorious from an encounter that could have been a boss fight in a five man heroic. I was rewarded with epic quality necklace and a bit more lore to wet my whistle for the new raid in the next patch.

I will be very disappointed if the Thunder King does not use the artifacts he re-stole from the Golden Lotus

I will be very disappointed if the Thunder King does not use the artifacts he re-stole from the Golden Lotus

The whole quest chain makes me really appreciate Blizzard’s approach to the rewards of the reputations in this expansion. You can do dailies until you hit revered and unlock the Valor Points gear from the quarter master and then you have the choice to continue the grind for the extra bit of gear and a story driven event and an added reward of some kind.

The Order of the Cloud Serpent gave players the mount of the dragon you were raising since you first started with an amazing cut scene, Operation SheildWall gave us the end of the Hode-Alliance story arc and the new model of the gryphon, the Tillers gave us another patch of farming land after witnessing Farmer Yoon finally get accepted by his fellow farmers. I hope that this reputation-reward model is something that is continued with all factions added in Patch 5.2 and beyond. I cannot wait to see what stories are in store for me with the Shado Pand and Klaxxi reputations.

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2 responses to “#178 My compliments to the New Reputation-Reward System

  1. I’m also happy with the reputation system for the MoP factions. I know a lot of people hate the dailies farming and I remember people complaining cause they’re so used to just putting on a tabard and go do some instances. I found that quite boring and thought I never learned enough about the different factions without reading about them on Wowhead, Wowpedia etc.

    Now in MoP I’ve enjoyed reading the different quests and learning about the factions, who they are and why they do what they do, and I love the mounts you get 🙂

  2. Yeah Blizzard did a great time job incorporating the lore into the gameplay I remembering doing one of the Wrath rep grinds and I didn’t really feel like I won anything (except for the gear) once I reached exalted.

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