#177 To Raid Again

Earlier this week I did something that I have not done for months, I participated in my first normal raid in the Mists of Pandaria. The last raid group I was apart of fell apart at the beginning of the expansion and since then I have struggled to find a raiding guild that fits my busy school schedule. After months of patiently searching I finally found a raiding guild that was looking for a mage. 

With a new guild I took for first few steps into the ten man normal version of Mogu’shan Vaults, with the full intent to dish out some fireballs to those stone monsters. 


After the first few minutes of the raid I realized how much I forgot how awesome the whole experience was, I forgot how wonderful it is to talk with nine other people who all want to work together to overcome a group challenge, I forgot how complex the raid counters are supposed to be, I forgot the trill of dodging some of the boss’s instant-kill strikes at the last possible moment. I forgot how intense the boss fights can be at the last 5% of hp.  I also experience the joy of getting epic gear, real epic gear, not those knock-off Raid Finder epics or those store-bought epics but legit.

After a full night of raiding we were able to get through the first three bosses and was able to get the fourth one down making it officially a guild progression night.

Along with a increase of appreciation of Rune of Power, Cauterize, and the  amazing spell Alter Time

Along with an increase of appreciation of Rune of Power, Cauterize, and the amazing spell Alter Time spell

With patch 5.2 around the corner  I intended to stay with this new raiding group and experience the end game content and get my chance to get at least one complete Pandaren PvE set to keep as a potential transmog outfit for the future.

Wizards wearing DRAGONS? I can not wait to kill the Thunder King

Wizards wearing DRAGONS? I can not wait to kill the Thunder King

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8 responses to “#177 To Raid Again

  1. Raiding is my favorite aspect of WoW, glad to see you found a good group to do it with. Good luck with your future raids, may they be full of boss kills and loot!

  2. Areswarlord

    Our game lives are eerily similar at times. My guild tried raiding at the beginning of the expansion, but our core group fell apart. We started raiding again this month but only saw success this last week.

    Feels good to raid again. It reminds me why I play this game.

  3. Just seeing a full raid set again makes me itch to strap a shield back on.

  4. Congrats on your first night in! Sounds like it was a great start!

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