#176 The Druid Challenge: UPDATE

It is the end of the month and a few weeks after issuing myself the challenge of getting my Night Elf to level 90 before Mists of Pandaria reaches six months old and it is time for an update to see how she is doing. She started the experience at level 86 and just after a few quests I got to re-experience the greatest moment in the Jade Forest if not, possibly the greatest point in the whole expansion.

I have always wondered what type of Sha that was

I have always wondered what type of Sha that was

After that I whisked her away to the LFG service to brush up on my tanking skills and just like riding a Mekgineer’s Chopper you never really forget how to tank dungeon monsters. While I was fighting through the evils of Pandaria I also had to fight through the waves random guild invites and  soon realized how undergeared my druid was and was soon faced with a moral dilemma that I call, the ilevel question.

Should I roll need on caster’s gear when it is so much better than what I have

Should I roll need on caster’s gear when it is so much better than what I have

That problem soon went by the wayside since I then caught back up to the proper gear level so I don’t have to worry about the “ilevel question” until I get incredibly behind on the content on my druid…..again

After a few runs through the Temple of the Jade Serpent and Stormstout Brewery brewery I was rewarded with a few bits of better (tanking) gear, a reestablished sense of confidence in dungeons and one more level under my belt.


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2 responses to “#176 The Druid Challenge: UPDATE

  1. aqusinna

    so at level 87 you have infact out leveled me currently (although I will admit that I did level a wizzard to 60 in diablo this past week)

    • Oh I completely forgot about bet, and I have seen you on Diablo a lot as of late, I need to pick that game back up again, my Wizard is collecting dust after I beat the campaign on normal

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