#175 Be MOP’s Crazier Search Engine Terms

Over the weekend I was out-of-town on a college related weekend long event, which sadly left me very little time for game play, I blame the hotel’s Wifi 

But instead of game play I looked through some of the statistics of my blog and I found some interesting search results, and from that I dug a bit deeper and spent the next 15 minutes going through some of the search terms that people typed into their preferred search engines that lead them to my little corner of the web.

So today, instead of a proper post today I have compiled a list of the oddest search results and try to find out what post got them there.

Spongebob fry cook

I don't know how Sponge bob survived doing that job for year and years

I don’t know how Sponge Bob survived doing that job for year and years

I would like to apologize to all the 13+ year old kids that want to learn about one of Nickelodeon’s most famous cartoon series on the internet and instead learned about how I was finally getting back into the raid way of life in the summer of 2012 after getting a night-shift job at a national fast food chain.  (Be MOP #81 Finally Getting able to raid)

mop sucks

I can imagine it now, a lonely troll on the internet wanting disparately trying to find the reasons why the newest World of Warcraft expansion is just terrible, and the absolute proof that Blizzard has peaked resulting Warcraft’s over in the next few years but instead of that, this person was given a post that I wrote when I had Pokemon on the brain. (Be MOP #69 Every WoW expansion will suck…)



эмма уотсон

Goggle Translate informs me that “эмма уотсон” is Russian for “Emma Watson” I actually have received quite a lot of hits from my site because of the awesome story about “The Time I traded the chance to see Emma Watson for  virtual dragon” (Be MOP #12) that whole post was to celebrate Be MOP turning one month old, it’s a good read and it’s 100% true.


Honorable Mention: "virtual emma watson" I don't even want to know what that person was looking for

Honorable Mention: “virtual emma watson” I don’t even want to know what that person was looking for


HNMUN,  Harvard Model UN, and Harvard Model United Nations

For those who do not know, Harvard hosts several Model United Nation conferences that invites college students from all over the nation and the world to travel to Boston, Massachusetts  and spend a weekend to act like delegates from other nations and try to solve the world’s problems through peaceful measures. As a Political Science student I joined my college’s Model United Nation club (which is run by the two professors that are in control of the future of my degree) so the only reasonable thing to do was to write a post that I compare Model United Nations to World of Warcraft (Be MOP #27)


I live in constant fear that my one of my two professors finds that article. It does not help that every time Harvard holds a Model United Nations conference anywhere around the world I get a small bump in my traffic.



The ones below are some search results that I have no idea how they got to my site:

  • love scenarios
  • should i follow cthulhu or satan
  • the biggest piranha in the world
  • bunny man
  • griffin galleon


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5 responses to “#175 Be MOP’s Crazier Search Engine Terms

  1. Bytes

    bunny man! 😀 (this post cracked me up!)

  2. aqusinna

    I am only here for the Emma Watson picture!

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