#174 I am not a clever man

A few days ago I finished my goal of reaching exalted with the Golden Lotus reputation, leaving me to focus the rest of my attention to the Operation: Shieldwall dailies.

It was strange, I was spending weeks flying through the Krasarang Wilds to do my daily duty to push back the Horde’s advancements on to the continent and I have not seen any of the new quests that opens up with the advancement in the reputation that I have heard so much about from everyone and I was getting nervous, because I was about 4/5th through revered.

Looking through some of the guides, I found a breadcrumb quest that was gathering dust in my quest log


That opened up the floodgates for me, I spent the next few days catching up with the lore of Patch 5.1 (which makes those letters I kept getting from the NPC  A LOT more sense). I soon received requests from Brann Bronzebeard and Prince Anduin Wrynn to accompany them on their adventures in Pandaria trying to discover what the Horde’s major end game was and trying to stop their plans before it was too late.

I really enjoyed the reputation gain  learning more about the Sha, Mogu, and the Thunder King which will no doubt help us in the next expansion patch and the development of the main characters of the Alliance.I especially the change of Jaina Proudmoore’s stance on Dalaran’s neutrality on the war.

I guess the moral of this story is, that you should always follow up on any breadcrumb quests because you might not know where you will end up


That moral also carries to life outside of Azeroth.

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2 responses to “#174 I am not a clever man

  1. I only did this Horde-side, but is that the first of the “story” quests then?

    That really sucks to have missed it at first, but it must have been exciting to see it all quickly. I was always very excited to get another story quest in Dominance Offensive. I think it was some of the best content I’ve seen.

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