#172 The Metaphorical Tale of Two Cities

With everything that is happening in patch 5.2, one of the changes that got me thinking more than I ought to is Blizzard’s announcement that the construction of the Horde and Alliance capital cities will be finished in when the content patch goes live. It was only after seeing the finished works on the PTR did I realizethe parallels between the state of the cities and the two factions in Cataclysm and what it the reconstruction means now in Mists.

Warning! below is my interpretation of the symbolic relationship of the faction’s cities and how the faction have been doing in the expansions of Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. Even if Blizzard’s art department, their game designing department, and of the rest of the company did not plan this metaphor, it does not matter because I, the player, received the message and according to John Green that’s all that matters.

Lets first look at the Horde’s major city, Orgrimmar, since it received a major face-lift since patch 3.3.3




With metal spikes, reinforced walls, and a huge patriotic Horde banner hanging off the side shows the different, more hostile, change of pace for the Horde. Which was reflected in the Horde’s political world with the resignation of the peace loving-seeking Thrall and his replacement the war-mongering-I-can’t-wait-to-kill-him-with-my-fire-mage Garrosh Hellscream and the Horde’s land policy in Azshara and in The Barrens. 


Stormwind and the Alliance on the other hand got hit hard by Deathwing, and the previous expansion, with a completely destroyed city park, a toppled statue and two permanently burning claw marks on top of the cities towers. With the workers too busy repairing, Stormwind did not spend too much time adding anything else to their city. 

<Insert incompetent Dwarf worker joke here>

The capital that was too busy rebuilding their infrastructure of their stronghold to put any resources into development was a major theme for the Alliance faction is shown in the revamped zones, like the recently lost Hillsbrad Foothills and Ashenvale and the poverty-stricken citizens of Westfall.


and lets not forget Theramore

….and lets not forget Theramore


Since Pandaria launching Blizzard has made an effort in leveling the playing field for both sides.  Now both factions are more balanced and equal in military force and with the new patch it finally shows that idea in their cities, with Orgrimmar finishing it’s construction (and reaching it’s peak) while Stormwind rebuilt to it’s previous glory.


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3 responses to “#172 The Metaphorical Tale of Two Cities

  1. Stormwind doesn’t get its park fixed though, correct? I play Horde, so I haven’t seen Stormwind very much (although I’ve been there on lowbie alts a few times). I didn’t realize that the Alliance was hurting so much. I’m not very familiar with their lore since the Cataclysm.

    • In Cataclysm Alliance got really hurt in the last expansion, a lot of their strong holds were damaged and their military plans were reactionary tactics. The Twilight Highlands dailies were all about recovering the dwarf’s food and beer.

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