#169 The Druid Challenge

A while ago I wrote a post about getting myself psyched for the Mists of Pandaria release and my good friend left a comment which leads to the conversation below. 


druid cahllenge


I made myself a promise to get my druid to level 90 before Mists celebrates it’s six month anniversary

With us being four months into Pandaria, and having my main mage being revered with a good chuck of the new reputation and having a decent ilevel. I can now, comfortably turn my attention to my alt that I spent so much time and effort making sure that she would be at max level by the time this expansion went live.

So lets see where I left my druid in the Pandaria’s Campaign?

Wait a minute I’m at Pearlfin Village  the navies are armed and trained by a foreign military force and ready to go to war for something that doesn’t concern them….I must be in Nam Jade Forest!

I’m almost through the Jade Forest  I have just over two months to get her through the beautiful, now war-torn, continent. It looks like I start hitting the Looking for group service as everyone favorite adequate bear tank.


LFG druid


Who knows with this druid at level 90 I might just try my hand at healing too, or just range Dps.


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12 responses to “#169 The Druid Challenge

  1. Good luck with this!! x

  2. aqusinna

    Lenath is my DK:

    Noahnatural is your Druid:

    I propose a race to 90, the loser of which buys the other a Cinder Kitten!

  3. An interesting challenge and I hope you meet your goal.

  4. I wonder if Nir can still party with you, even though she hit 90. (Her gear level is still too low for heroics, I think.) I may not be a healer, but I may be able to keep things entertaining!

  5. Sounds like a fun goal. Hope you meet it in time. 🙂

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