#167 Shared Topic: (No) Favorites

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared topic comes from Mataoka with the question:

Which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing?” But the real question is why?

Long time readers (even the average readers) know the answer before they even finished the question but for everyone else let me show you my unedited character roster as of today.


character roster

I have no alts on any other servers


If it was not obvious enough I love playing my mage over any other class simply because it offers every part of gameplay that is available in the game, DPS, Healing, and Tanking.

DPS is real easy, I have the an entire spell rotation to dish out all type of hurt to anything with a red name tag, or to anything that a quest-giving NPC needs me to disintegrate.

For healing I have the awesome level 90 Mage talent Rune of Power, and with the glyph the rune heals me for 1% of my overall health per second. My mage also have max first aid and Gift of the Naaru racial to get me through the difficult times when I accidentally pull too many mobs. While it doesn’t heal others, it does heal me and that’s the most important person when doing dailies for the Golden Lotus and Operation: Shieldwall.

As for Tanking, well it is more like an assortment of tricks I have to escape from death. I mentioned the Rune of Power, but I also have some my spell combos that I picked up over the years of playing a mage my favorite is Cauterize (when I am about to die) >Ice Block (to get rid of the debuff)> Mirror Image (to distract the enemies)> NUKE everything down. followed close by  Mirror image > Rune of Power (distracting the enemies enough to heal me back up to proper health again)> Nuking.  When I am over my head and need to escape A.S.A.P. I have my third spell combo being Frost NovaBlinkInvisibility followed by me getting on my flying mount and fleeing.


With all three styles of gameplay has offer me a great well-rounded experience for PvE and PvP, but it does make me wish that Blizzard would finally get to work making a Jack-of-all-trades class that would be specifically designed to have all three types of game styles but do it better, and maybe have the ability to wear a higher level of armor, possibly leather. Man I would totally ditch my mage for that potential Hero Class.



If only


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10 responses to “#167 Shared Topic: (No) Favorites

  1. aqusinna

    Wait a min… your telling me Druids arnt the only class? I thought Noahdeer was a boomchicken?

    But seriously man… Why are you not a boomchicken in game!

  2. jack252

    Hello There,
    I was Just hoping that you could take a few minutes out of your day and check my blog out and leave some constructive criticism on things that i am doing right and things that i am doing wrong it will be much appreciated

    Thank You For Giving Me A Chance

  3. Alas, I am possibly the most incompetent mage ever. I just want to stand in one spot and nuke things in the face, dammit, but they hurt!

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