#166 The Tipping Point in the Horde’s war in Pandaria

Over the weekend I decided to reread the Watchmen comic book series and while I was enjoying the epic tale of the politics around a murder mystery in a re-imagined Cold War America with masked vigilantes, my mind wandered towards Warcraft.

Oh....its such a good book

Oh….it’s such a good book

I talked before about the politics of World of Warcraft on this blog multiple times, one of which is figuring out what type of war Azeroth is currently in (Be MOP #87) and while the Horde and Alliance are in an active war the set up and of the two factions have some connections to the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The Horde and Alliance are  two equal political and military forces trying to build bases and gather resources in a new land while recruiting the natives to fight against each other with the weapons provided by each side (see my post of the Proxy-war in the Jade Forest Be MOP #56)

But as history has taught us, no war can last forever. A war that is constantly forcing each side to gather more and more limited resources while simultaneously asking them to fund the unlimited desire to destroy the enemy is not an ideal political or economical model. Something has to happen, a tipping point, that makes one side start to falter and ends up either losing the war or begin the collapse of their government.

In Watchmen the tipping point of the Cold War was when Dr. Manhattan, The United States’s greatest weapon in the atomic arms race, leaves the planet allowing the Soviets to invade Afghanistan and set up their plans to conquer the rest of Europe.

In real life, the tipping point was when America launched the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka the Star Wars Project) forcing the soviets, who were dealing with a fragile economy, to spend more money on their nuclear weapons in the hopes of winning the arms race, rather than funding programs to feed and educate it’s people.

Politics, World of Warcraft, AND Star Wars? what more could you ask from a blog post?

Politics, World of Warcraft, AND Star Wars? what more could you ask from a blog post?

But in WoW, we do not know what the tipping point is, we know that there is going be one and we do know how the war is going to end thanks to Blizzard. Lets just day we are not expecting the Horde and Alliance to come knocking down the doors of Varian Wrynn’s throne room any time soon. Patch 5.1 has some build up to the tipping point. with Garrosh using the Sha on his own orcs and the scenario surrounding Vol’jin.

My guess is that the tipping point for the Horde will be the penultimate content patch, with a major controversial event approved by Garrosh. This will give the players enough time to get angry at Garrosh and justifying the raid on Orgrimmar, which (I assume) will then change the political structure of the Horde followed by a change in the relationship between the Horde and Alliance which we see develop in WoW’s next expansion.

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12 responses to “#166 The Tipping Point in the Horde’s war in Pandaria

  1. Justin

    I’m just waiting to see Vol’jin stab Garrosh. 🙂

  2. aqusinna

    It always seemed strange to me that there is this huge war… yet both factions farm at the exact same place.

    • The real huge war is just beginning no? There was a cold war up until now I thought.

      • aqusinna

        I fly down to the wilds and kill massive amounts of goblins, blow up buildings, and in general wreak havoc… then I fly back to my farm and harvest crops right beside the friendly horde goblin farmers.

        I guess it is a little atune to 1972 Summit Series in hockey (Remember I am Canadian…. gota use appropriate examples). The only difference here is that I actively kill horde every day… atleast from my eyes the war isnt so cold anymore.

      • aqusinna

        Would be cool is the farm became a contested PvP area. You would need to win a scenario every so often that would lock it to one faction…kinda like wintergrasp… I can only imagine the tears on extremely unbalanced realms.

      • Aq is right, the fact that the two factions are fighting with guns and axes means that it is an active -hot- war. If we were playing a Cold War game, we would all passive aggressively try to destroy the other faction’s government with economics and propaganda

  3. Remember, however, that this is the fantasy genre, and individual characters and their personal motivations have far more political weight than in reality. When was the last time you heard the leaders of either side arguing about economics? It’s almost always about personal conflicts and over the top power plays. Garrosh isn’t going to be overturned because he’s fiscally irresponsible – and a game that focused on that would be fairly boring. 😛

    • Hush I need to find a way to make the Political Science degree that I’m working on useful somehow

    • aqusinna

      The point of it being simply a fantasy “game” is valid, Blizzard has to account for people leveling up thru all the zones… experiencing Vanilla, BC, WotLK and Cata all before seeing MoP. But, realistically is it reasonable to assume that the actions of the different factions on Pandoria would not affect the rest of the world… let alone the adjacent zones?

      Realism is dangerous in a fantasy world >.<

      • Oh, they would, but that’s dev time being used, you know? I think the scenario tech will open up possibilities for showing lore changes without requiring them to go back and update the game as they go, and I’d love to see that implemented as a cool way to tell ongoing stories.

        There is still the issue of the 1-85 process being completely illogical and weird if you are following the lore progression, but I think that’s just something we’re stuck with – they devoted a bunch of effort into updating levelling zones in Cata and the endgame didn’t get as much attention.

      • The scaling tech for challange modes combined with LFR presents an interesting way to experience previous tiers. Scenarios have a multitude of possibilitys as well. I suspect Blizzard has some interesting treats in store for us thru this expansion.

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