#165 The New World Bosses

Earlier this week Patch 5.2 arrived on the PTR and with the new patch comes a new raid, new daily hub, a new zone and two new World Pintas Bosses.

Throughout my time at max level I had a few enjoyable encounters with the Sha of Anger. (Galleon still seems to evade me).


You can tell the voice actor for the Sha of Anger had a field day on recording day

You can tell the voice actor for the Sha of Anger had a field day on recording day


I like how Blizzard implemented these World Bosses, the fights have some PvE mechanics but it is still simple and easy enough to still be a tank-n-spank like the days of old and the raid groups can be made on a whim without much prep work needed for each raider. I also like how everyone gets a personal bag which gives gold and a chance for current ilevel epic, which means no post loot drama and it does not leaves the raiders open for an attack from the enemy faction during the sorting.

With the new content patch it puts to rest a concern I originally had when I first heard about Blizzard’s intent to implement world bosses in Pandaria. I was worried that with the next installment of the raiding tier that the idea of world bosses would become obsolete and be forgotten, leaving Galleon and the Sha to become outdated scenery and only to be killed by people crazy enough to try to get the Son of Galleon mount.

I thought a quick solution that would do is just continually update the two’s loot tables with every new raid, that since land in Pandaria is limited. What I got was so much more.

Three words: Giant. Armored. Devilsaur.

Thanks MMO Champion for the screenshot

Thanks MMO Champion for the screenshot


His name is Oondasta he roams around the Isles of Giants while the other new world boss is Nalak, the Storm Lord, is a cloud serpent that roams around the Isles of Thunder King respectfully and one assumes they also have new PvE and PvP gear in their loot tables too.

It does say something about Blizzard’s dedication to bringing back the World Bosses by putting effort into making new bosses with new fights and new models, I hope this Blizzard continues in making new World Bosses, not just through the rest of the 5.X patches but into the next expansion as well.


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2 responses to “#165 The New World Bosses

  1. with the implementation of anyone being able to tag and get loot it will make the boss fights interesting to say the least.

  2. PyrosGG

    Something I’ve always really enjoyed about blizzard is their commitment to taking what the players want and making it a reality. I personally have enjoyed world bosses since vanilla, I’m really glad to see that Pandaria has moved this tradition forward. I have a lot of really good memories of killing world bosses in the old days, in burning Crusade, and then in wrath I was very distraught to understand that they forgone this tradition. I’m greatly looking forward to the new world bosses that pop up, and I hope blizzard keeps this current and up-to-date so that we may enjoy them for the rest of this expansion and maybe in expansions to come.

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