#161 The Alani Challenge

I hope everyone had a fun Christmas and Winter Veil. I enjoyed the family time, gift giving, and opening presents underneath both trees.

I love the little fun items that Blizzard adds under the tree every year

I love the little fun items that Blizzard adds under the tree every year

After all the celebrations and family tradition I decided to unwind by doing dailies in Krasarang Wilds for Operation Shieldwall and Vale of Eternal Blossom for the Golden Lotus.

While I was foiling the mogu’s daily devilish plans I noticed a particular rare NPC named Alani.


Being unable to attack the dragon sent me to WoWhead to see how to kill this dragon. There I found out that this is the rare spawn of the expansion that is guaranteed to drop a mount, similar to the Time-Lost Proto Drake and Aeonaxx. Having no luck with those two I decided to stop at nothing claim this mount as mine.

The comments revealed that I have my work cut out for me. First I have to create a Sky Crystal, which one gets from collecting ten Skyshards which is a rare drop from any mob in the Vale or from the Treasures of the Vale reward from the Golden Lotus. Ok, that’s a bit challenging to get but I hear the dragon fight itself is pretty easy.

But wait that’s not all, as I continued reading I learned that you can not just add the mount to your inventory apparently there is a whole other grind to do, this time for reputation.

To be able to fly the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent, you need to get Cloud Serpent Riding, which you get from being exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. I checked this off my list, I have been flying on my own Cloud Serpent for a while now.

Still my favorite reputation grind

Still my favorite reputation grind

As I continued reading I learned that to actually add this one mount to my mount journal I need to reach exalted with the August Celestials, since it is somehow connected to that reputation. BUT to even begin a grind with that you need to be Revered with the Golden Lotus which I am currently Friendly with them.

Golden Lotus

Just to recap, in order to get this mount, I will first need to grind Golden Lotus dailies and mobs in the Vale to collect ten Skyshards just to even attack Alani. After I *hopefully* kill her and loot the mount from her, then I need to embark on three reputation grinds to actually fly the mount.

Now to a less adventurous or more wise player would not bother on this grind, but I am luckily neither of those. I not only want it, but I am determined to get this mount. So to this challenge that Blizzard has created for the players I say, “Bring it!”

With any luck I will be able to have this mount by the time 2013 comes to an end.

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6 responses to “#161 The Alani Challenge

  1. Justin

    FYI, I am exalted with Golden Lotus and Order of the Cloud Serpent and almost revered with August Celestials and I only have 2 of the Skyshards… don’t worry about the reps 🙂 Collecting the skyshards will be the hard part.

    • I thought the shards would be the hardest part of the grind. Looking at wowhead shows that no one mob type drops it more than others, so it looks like i will be spending some time praying to the RNG gods

    • Think I have 2 as well right now. one shard seems to take about 8 hours of mob grinding, seems to be about a .25% average drop percentage…so lets pretend ~500 mobs per shard if your lucky.

  2. Good luck with this! ❤ x

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