#159 Fun with Pet Battle teams

I still have pet battles on the brain, with training lil’ XT, catching what ever pets I do not already have, and completing all the pet achievement, I seriously underestimated how much fun I could have with this aspect of the game.


I really look forward to the Big City Pet Brawlin'- Horde achievement

I really look forward to the Big City Pet Brawlin’- Horde achievement


While I have not put much thought in what my A-Team pet group will be, but I did start to wonder about what are some fun novelty non-combat-no-longer pets compensation that one could make with the pets in-game.

After a bit of thinking about it, I started coming up with some strange team builds, below are some of my favorite teams. I am not skilled enough in Pet Battles yet to know if these are viable in high-end Pet Battles but I do know they are buildable.


First one is  Team Blizzard:


nerf, Nerf NERF!!!!


With pets that mimics Zarhym, Ghostcrawler, and community team member, Crithto. This team is really great because the crab is constantly nerfing the enemy pets.


The next one is inspired from a classic Disney movie, Bambi:

Keep away from any hunters


Just keep this team away from any hunters, this team has an extreme weakness to their Focus Fire.


The last team is what I call, “A cold day in Gotham”:

Too bad there is not a laughing Hyena in the game, I could have made a team of Mr. Freeze, Joker, and Poison Ivy


With the generic Bat in Tirisfal Glades, Brilliant Kaliri, and the Tiny Snowman you can show off your nerd cred with dynamic duo and one of their classic villain


If you have your own pet team builds feel free to leave them in the comments. I’m interested in what other unique and comical team builds are out there.


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