#157 Don’t they know it’s Winter Veil at all?

There are festive lights are hanging on the buildings, snowballs  are flinging through the air, and Greatfather Winter has set up camp in the faction’s main city. That can only mean one thing, Winter Veil has come to Azeroth. After playing World of Warcraft long enough to experience all the holiday events multiple times and get all the major achievements for them, I always look forward to the Feast of Winter Veil because it is the event offers the most fun.

The charm of this holiday comes from the fact that there are no required tasks to complete to become a better player. Winter Veil has no instanced boss that the players are encouraged to kill to get some high quality PvE loot. Everything about this is completely optional and there are so many optional things to do that makes the event enjoyable.

For Winter Veil you could go out and bake some special, limited edition foods and craft a cosmetic Santa suit for your character, or you could spend every hour heading back to an inn to give a very special /kiss to a Winter Reveler npc to get handfuls of snow and mistletoe that changes your mount into a reindeer.

You could go travel to Hillsbrad Foothills and complete the quests [You’re a Mean One…] and try your luck at getting that lump of coal pet, or (my personal favorite) you could hop into the Winter Veil transmogrifier and be transformed into a little gnome before you go to your dailies, raids, or battlegrounds.

Nothings funnier than completing the Operation Shieldwall dailies as a gnome in a Santa suit.

Nothings funnier than completing the Operation Shieldwall dailies as a gnome in a Santa suit.

Having so many activities and limited edition items to collect that are in one concentrated location makes the whole event act as a pit stop for the players. Giving them the option to collect a few simple cosmetic goodies while they are at the bank or auction house before heading out on their adventures for the day, instead of having them fly around the world to collect their prizes. It’s a holiday model that I love and that I will never get tried of.

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