#154 The video gamer’s daydreams the week of finals

This week is Finals week and I spent my time writing papers, taking tests and studying for other tests. As the fabled and long-awaited Winter break appears just on the horizon ,I have been catching myself daydreaming about what games I am going to play after I finish my last final for the semester.

That way of thinking was started last year for 2011’s fall finals when I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum and a MASSIVE bar of Hersey’s chocolate that I kept out of my reach to be saved to my the reward of getting through college finals.


Click the picture to be sent to a YouTube video where Batman gets into a rap battle with Sherlock Holmes

Oh Kevin Conroy, your voice acting made this game just that much more awesome.


For the spring semester I had the much anticipated  Diablo III releasing the week after finals week to act at the carrot to keep me going. This time around for winter break I have quite a bit of game on my backlog that I have full intent to finish before I go back to school in the spring.

I have been waiting to be played the games, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, Company of Heroes, and  Saints Row III (all games that I bought from the THQ bundle, but haven’t had an internet connection great enough to download these games in a reasonable time). I also have a copy of Dota 2 that my brother gifted to me, that  I’ll be sure to play that with him over the break too. And of course I am will playing plenty of World of Warcraft, forcing myself to finally creating a pandaren monk and quest through the Wandering Isles starting zone.


Pandas. Pandas EVERYWHERE

My last experience with the Pandarens was in the beta



If it feels like this is a non-wow post, because I could not play over the weekend, you would be right. Come Wednesday I’ll be all done with Finals and get back on track with more Warcraft posts.

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