#150 Patch 5.1 made me love Scenarios

As I mentioned in my last post that I am thoroughly enjoying in the new daily zones with the chance to rekindle my aggression towards the Horde in the same way I felt in the Jade Forest.

While I was on the ground fighting my way through the Horde NPCs and capturing the nodes in the land. I decided to queue up for one of the three new scenarios that were recently added.


The loading screen artwork can be over looked by so many, nobody really appreciate it

The loading screen artwork can be over looked by so many, nobody really appreciate it


Before this patch I never really used the scenario finder, once I hit level 90 I jumped right into the dungeon finder to get my gear and story.

The few scenarios I did participate in left me feeling…indifferent. Maybe it was because it told a story that I already knew the ending to or because I knew that it was the same scenarios that the Horde was doing, so there was not much advancements in the faction conflict.

With patch 5.1, Blizzard introduced one shared scenario and two separate faction exclusive scenarios for the Horde and Alliance.

As a player with only (one) high level alliance character, I can only speak about what I experienced. From this one patch, it has made me love scenarios. I first experienced “A little patience” that told the story of you and King Varian Wrynn try to take back the Temple of the Red Crane from the invading orcs.

Scenario was simple enough, after gathering materials that made me remember that I haven’t touched Starcraft II in a while, the group was able to kill the main orc and called it a day.

What’s amazing is that the scenarios delivers two different stories. The first is that the Alliance continues on the trend of pushing the Horde forces back from their settlements, which is a much-needed change from the Alliance’s war tactics.


Alliance war tactics in cata can best be described in this video

Alliance war tactics in cata can best be described in this video


What’s even more important in ‘A little patience scenario’ is something we do not really see a lot of MMO’s, we saw character development of King Varian.

In Wrath of the Lich King King Varian was written as a very angry and vengeful leader. His anger, which was rightly so from his mistreatment he received from the orcs (you can read his story here)

With Cataclysm Blizzard released the book Wolfheart that changed King Varian’s image as a violently angry king into a calmer king that is in control of his anger and can channel his emotions for not just brutal attacks but more calculated planning tactics.

The character advancement in the book is portrayed in the new content, by having Varian order his troops to set up traps and reinforce their defenses before advancing despite the protests from Tyrande Whisperwind.

With the focus on the heated war between the Horde and Alliance and the faction leader’s character development, it made me actively go out and finish the other scenarios and I am now looking forward to more faction specific scenarios that continues on the trend of character development.

I also wanted to add this here, the people at Humble Bundle has teamed up with THQ to sell the Humble THQ Bundle. The video game bundle includes: Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, and Company of Heroes, with Saints Row the Third if you pay above the average. You can set your own price and choose where your money is going to either the game developers or charity.


Sadly this is only for gamers with Windows and you need a Steam Account to download the games.


Click the picture to go directly to their website

Click the picture to go directly to their website



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