#147 How to train my Dragon

Yesterday, after having my fill of turkey and pumpkin pies,  I went to the Jade Forest and started my epic journey to start raising my Cloud Dragon Mount with the Order of the Cloud Serpent.

After doing the introduction quest chain I was able to choose one of the three different colored eggs and as a reward I got to see a cut scene of my egg hatching in front of my eyes.

When this cut scene was going, I was hearing the Pokemon egg hatching theme in my head


With the hatching, it opened up some new dailies to help with raising my hatching and helping with the order. I am not exaggerating when I say that these are the best dailies in the game. These quests helps you level your Archaeology and Fishing skills in such a way where you do not get board of the redundant grinding.

Along with the standard killing and fetch quests there are NPCs who want you to dig up pieces of their lost history (Fragment of the Past) and fish up food to feed your hatching (Snack Time), that increase your archaeology and fishing skills.


These quests reminds me of the Netherwing dailies that was available for skinners Nethermine Flayer Hide. A little quest that acts as a little bonus to some players and gives them a chance to exercise their skill professions.


Oh Netherwing drake, I would kill a thousand Nethermine Flayers for you.


While -if I remember correctly- the Nethermine skinning quest asked you for 35 pieces of special leather with less than desirable drop rates, Blizzard drastically improved the Cloud Reps dailies by having every Archaeology dig sites are guaranteed to give you a Serpentrider Relic and every time you cast your fishing rod you would get  a Sugar Minnow, limiting the amount of busy work I have to do to complete the quests.


Those dailies does not only let me gain reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpents but it subtly rewards you with archaeology and fishing materials that you can use for handing in Restored Artifacts and cooking materials, which is brilliant. I hope that Blizzard continues to create dailies that gives you secondary rewards for your secondary professions in later content patches.



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3 responses to “#147 How to train my Dragon

  1. JD Kenada

    Ugh, I did that Leatherworking quest on my Hunter at 85, while doing the Netherdrake rep. That quest has one of the worst drop rates in the game to this day. >_<

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