#146 The Video Game kickoff

It’s done, I have completed and handed in my history term paper! With that I have gone in full-blown vacation mode and as promised myself last week, I am going to partake in the THE GREAT THANKSGIVING VIDEO GAME BINGE OF TWENTY TWELVE!

I started last night with some celebratory League of Legends matches with my college friends and followed that with a great run of the game, Binding of Isaac.


Nothing like a good old-fashioned top down dungeon explorer game


My plan is to play some much put off Warcraft during my break, with keeping my WoW list in mind, and I also have some special games that I bought awhile back that I have put on the back burner.


All these games and so much more


I would also like to take this time to wish my American readers a happy Thanksgiving and I offer you a  Youtube link of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. (CLICK HERE)

To my one Canadian reader and the rest of the world, have a happy Pilgrims’ Bounty!



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Be MOP focuses on the Mists of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft with my own reflections about the current news and developments that happens throughout the game’s life cycle. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays



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5 responses to “#146 The Video Game kickoff

  1. aqusinna

    One Canadian reader 😛

    My DK is 83 and climbing, where is your druid at? Might be able to do some questing together again!

  2. aqusinna

    I just came across some shocking information! Is seems that a certain Draenei Mage has yet to Visit the pet battle trainer let alone actually partake in the awesomeness that is Pokemon in WoW.

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