#145 Celebrations all around

When I logged on today I was greeted with two surprises, one was another achievement under my belt for logging in for Blizzard’s celebration of World of Warcraft’s anniversary attached with this very nice letter they sent everybody:


“return of a certain very large dragon” “A shattered world”? rehashing an old letter or foreshadowing for the patch 5.2 the breaking of Pandaria with the return of Ysera?


Just like last year the letter was attached with a tabard that gives an 8% experience and reputation bonus.  Which is very useful since because my little canary nelf is still in the uncorrupted Jade Temple.


That place is so beautiful, it truly is a shame that you help destroy the place.


Enough about Pandaria, lets head back to Azeroth for the Pilgrim’s Bounty holiday event.

With Blizzard adding no new items for my mage to collect, it means that I can log on to my night elf druid to enjoy the festivities with eating food and completing quests.


I love the attention to detail the developers added to these tables


One of the best thing about completing the holiday achievement in precious years and the sharing achievement is that I no long have to run around by hunting those damn turkey’s in such a stressful and unforgiving time limit, so I can just worry about leveling her cooking.


The funny thing is that I got the recipe for Spice Bread Stuffing from last year, I just didn’t sit down and power leveled her cooking skill




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2 responses to “#145 Celebrations all around

  1. Thermalix refuses to throw food at people. For the life of me, I can’t figure out when she learned to be so friggin’ polite.

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