#144 There is still so much to do

I am still working on my big term paper which is due next Tuesday. As a result of this paper, I have been fueling myself with caffeine that comes in the form of Red Bull and Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel.


The amazing thing is I don’t even have Halo or an Xbox. I’m just buying it because of the drink itself.


The saddest thing is that I even though I have enough energy to give Electro a run for his money, I’m too busy to dedicate any spare time for Warcraft or another games for that matter.

While I am preparing for my must  anticipated of THE GREAT THANKSGIVING VIDEO GAME BINGE OF TWENTY TWELVE I have created a list of all the aspects in Mists of Pandaria that I have not even touched yet. I have the full intention of experiencing everything on this list during my college break:


  • Pet Battles
  • Raiding
  • Challenge Mode in Dungeons
  • Golden Lotus and Shado-Pan reputation grind
  • Dungeon Heroic Achievements
  • Regular Achievement hunting
  • The Pandarian starting quest and the monk class


With all of that and the fact that I have still have a druid that is still half way through the Jade Forrest quest chain, the game has shown me that there is still a lot more to take away from this game even before the  next patch goes live.



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3 responses to “#144 There is still so much to do

  1. aqusinna

    Yes, way to much to do… With SWtoR going FTP yesterday I actually installed and started up the game. I walked around for about an hour and thought: “F%^$ This I want to play wow!”

    On your list, Over a week you will be able to do most, the chalange mode dungeons may be a sticking point though. I think you need 463 Ilevel (shouldnt be an issue) but you also need 4 “dedicated” people. Lets just say if you are going for a gold or silver that they are alot harder than they look.

    • I might look into swtor, just for a bit.

      Or of all of the list the challenge mode are the most interesting looking i can’t wait for Thanksgiving

      • aqusinna

        So looking into it more chalage mode dungeons scale the gear stats, but not the secondary stuff (crit, hit, expertise)…so things are alot easier when your in better gear because you keep that hit/expertise cap, crit, etc…

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