#143 Screenshots of Pandaria Part II

In continuing in my effort to complete my History Term Paper on time I have been avoiding Warcraft and any other games as the potential procrastination devices that they could be.

To keep me sane until next week, or what I am calling it THE GREAT THANKSGIVING VIDEO GAME BINGE OF TWENTY TWELVE, I have been looking through old screenshots and I thought I would share some of my favorites photos from my past.

Starting the screenshots gallery with an old one (2008) with what my mage looked like after leveling through the Burning Crusade

Ahhh who could forget the Mr T promotion in WoW? Thanks to him I was able to sneak into the alliance’s side of Dalaran unnoticed.

Did You ever notice that a bird eye’s view of a proto-drakes looks like the Batman logo?

What? it’s time for a random puppy break? Well who am I to object.

It took me a second play through of Deepholm to realize that the drakes had a sitting pose

This one is my favorite screenshot. This was when the Alliance attacked Undercity and I was lucky enough to get a picture of Sylvanas with the perfect amount of particle effects in the background

I’ll see you guys back here for Friday’s post.

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