#142 It’s been a long time

The last few weeks before the Thanksgiving break has always been a bit busy for me school wise. With term papers due dates approaching before the vacation it has been increasingly difficult to find play time for Warcraft or any other game.

With all that I was extremely lucky that last Friday I was able to log in to unwind and I did what any reasonable Warcraft player would do after an extremely stressful week, I queued up for the Mists of Pandaria Raid Finder for the first time.

I entered the Raid Finder because I am -what’s the phrase?- currently in between raiding guilds and with these due dates weekend raiding is currently out of the picture .

This must be what it feels like to be broken up via text message

While I was in queue and completed some Tillers and Angler dailies to kill some time I was waiting the the cross server raid to be built.

So I jumped into the first party of Mogushan Vaults part one alone and with no knowledge of the boss fights before entering, somehow I was able to keep my sanity in check.

The whole Raid Finder experience was a gentle reminder why I prefer to be in a ten man raid instead of the twenty-five groups.

Holy particle effects batman!

After three boss fights where I more or less Pew Pewed the big guy, I gathered more support for my theory of a big troll content patch and I got three bags of gold.

I will say the Raid Finder did do it’s job by letting me experience the content when I did not have the time for the full group and it also gave me a taste of the content and motivation to complete it on a more difficult setting when I can get into a raid group

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