#141 Trolls on the Horizon

Back in December 2011 my first real post examined the love that Blizzard had with the troll race. I pointed out how every expansion had at least one troll instance that was related to the mighty Zandalari empire. (Be MOP #2)


The circles represented the troll instances, color refer to which expansion it was released in.


Despite what I think of the idea of another trolls instance, I realized that there is one in production in Mists. It was already unofficially announced when Blizzard relieved the concept art of Pandaria at Blizzcon.


With my own little comment on how it would be in patch 5.1


While it turned out that Blizzard is using patch 5.1 to focus on the continuation of the conflict between the Horde and Alliance in the Krasarang Wilds. Like an old man with a bad knee, I can feel the troll content patch coming coming our way.

There’s a metaphor in theater called Chekhov’s gun that states, “If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don’t put it there.”

We see Blizzard hanging this gun from in Pandaria with the troll attack in Kun-Lai Summit. In an expansion that takes place on an island that has been cut off from the rest of the world why would trolls be, not only introduced in the area but, establish the fact that they have their home on a nearby island if Blizzard was not going to have another Zandalari raid.

I believe we also see Blizzard start polishing the pistol with the new model of Voljin datamined from the PTR patch and new Blizzard book that focuses on the Horde troll leader that is projected to come out next year. I have no doubt that we will get a Zandalari raid by the end of the expansion.


When we do get another -and hopefully last- troll event I would like to remind people what I want out it,

I want the game designers to go all out with the area and the encounters. I want to see the trolliest of the  trolls hanging out in there, I want to see skulls and serpents littering the ground we stand on, and when we fight our way to the grand-supreme emperor of all the trolls, I want him to make a huge monologue to the raiders, recapping every blow that we dealt to him and his kind.

And when we fight all of the priests and headhunters and get to the last big bad troll , I want to be done with the trolls. Forever. No more troll instances after this raid, and no more quests about them regrouping to take the world back. If you haven’t noticed I do not like trolls and the sooner we finish this 7 year long legacy, the better.

Side-note: If his name does not have at-least two apostrophes I will be extremely disappointed.
The moment that Blizzard officially announces the troll raid you will guarantee that I will be talking about the raid and my experience through that raid. Who knows I might even enjoy this troll raid.

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2 responses to “#141 Trolls on the Horizon

  1. aqusinna

    So, in my ever growing thirst to experience different aspects of the game I have done something that I never thought I would do…and has some relevance to this post… I faction/race changed to a troll Druid.
    There is already a big influence in MoP with the Zandalari and trolls in general. Gara’jal the Spiritbinder the 3rd boss in MV makes this plainly obvious.

    There were a few things that concerned me about becoming a troll, one of which is how I felt about fighting so many fellow trolls. In the end though it was a decision between troll or a cow, I chose troll.

    Spencer, keep an eye out for me on real ID I am leveling up a DK that plan on running with on stormrage.

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