#140 Darkmoon Faire Reunion

Man what a busy week it has been, it started with the announcement of Disney buying Lucasfilms  last Tuesday  Halloween followed that Wednesday, then I hopped on a plane for a college conference about Student Leadership from Thursday to Sunday. Guy Fawkes Day was Monday, and we finish this adventure with the US national elections.

Sadly I did not win my State Representative election. Don’t worry, we can get it back next time (#Nozell2014)

With all that excitement I haven not been able to play any Warcraft at all in the past week.

Good to know the produce don’t rot if you do not pick them in a few days

With all that stress I need time to relax and as luck would have it, the Darkmoon Faire is in town. I am going to spend a bunch of my playtime this week playing some simple arcade games.

I have not been able the Darkmoon Faire for the past few months from a combination of being burn out from WoW in early September and being too busy to bother those carnies in October when I exploring Pandaria.

With the new patch promising some new items, such as hats and new pets to buy with our Darkmoon Prize Tickets and the introduction of a new Pet Tamer and a new Merry Go Round attraction. That alone has rekindled my excitement for throwing rings at a turtle and being shot out of a cannon.


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Be MOP focuses on the Mists of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft with my own reflections about the current news and developments that happens throughout the game’s life cycle. Updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

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