#139 November the 5th

“Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…”

Today is Guy Fawkes day, one of my favorite political holiday.

For those who do not know, Guy Fawkes Day celebrates a man called Guy Fawks who sought to blow up the English Parliament with gunpowder to assassinate King James and replace him with Catholic King.

While the motivation of the domestic terrorist plot has it’s roots with religious reasons and revenge, today the it date has transformed into a holiday that primary British people celebrate to remind themselves to never let the government to become a threat to the people’s rights.

Every year I celebrated this holiday by renting the 2005 movie, V for Vendetta from the library, invite my friends, and watch the movie in my college’s common room. While this may not sound much like a celebration, as a Political Science student, that act just shows the freedom of speech that I have and can exercise.


I also watch is once a year because it is an AWESOME movie


I would like to remind people of this event before the election.

I would like to remind people who can participate in free and fair elections that when you go to the booth, remember that you are not there to vote for a party but instead you are voting for the person and the ideas that they have that you think will help, not you, but the nation as a whole.

More importantly, you vote to make sure that the government will never get as oppressive as what Alan Moore envisioned when he wrote the comic V for Vendetta in 1982.


(Next post will be about Warcraft. Promise)

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5 responses to “#139 November the 5th

  1. Some might call Fawkes the last man to enter Parliment with honorable intentions.

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