#138 A New Hope for the Return of Something Good

As you all know, it was reported earlier this week that Disney has bought the Star Wars title and Lucasfilm for four billion dollars.



In less than twelve parsecs people took to the forums to claim the end time of the Star Wars franchise, while  I see this as an opportunity for the films to enter an age of renaissance.

With that current news story, I can make an excuse to draw comparisons between Star Wars and  World of Warcraft yet again.

I had a bit of history with Star Wars way back in the beginning of this blog, was focused on the issue of  rehashing old content (Be MOP #24), now we talk about both of the companies recovering from a lesser than stellar product.

It could be argued that Cataclysm was not the best expansion that Blizzard produced. With a prolonged patch releases, varied difficulties in the raid encounters throughout the tier, and the lack of a closer to the Vashj’ir zone, Blizzard did not follow through on some of their major promises in this expansion.


Yes, I do realize redesigning the entire old world areas does take resources away from end game development



Just like how Star Wars *kind of* fell on it’s face with the prequel movies and every show and program that followed up after that.


Talk about unnecessary lore


Sometimes after a bad product is released from an established franchise you need to give them a second chance. That was what I gave Mists of Pandaria , and what I will be giving the recently announced Star Wars VII movie which is schedule to premier in theaters in 2015.

I gave Blizzard a second with this expansion, remember I was NOT happy with the ending of Cata read Be MOP #110, and it paid off. Mists have shown me and the fans that Blizzard has learned from their mistakes of not releasing quicker patches and lack of max level content and a smaller number of factions to grind, all while improving the strengths of quality of life improvements and adding more phasing and voice acting into the quest chains.


This is what I am giving to Disney and Lucasfilm, a second chance for something I once loved for the hope of it being better than before.

I will be in the theaters for Star Wars VII but what happens on that screen will determine where I am going to be when Star Wars VIII and IX will be released.



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4 responses to “#138 A New Hope for the Return of Something Good

  1. aqusinna

    Disney makes some really good films, might be just the spicing up that Starwars needed. Only time will tell.

  2. JD Kenada

    I won’t necessarily hold my breath. Until proven otherwise, my son will grow up knowing of only three movies…and none of this “original vision” nonsense that’s been redone six times. 😀

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