#136 Teach a man to rant and you will find out why he won’t fish REDUX

One of the best things about having a blog that spent months talking about Mists of Pandaria before it was released, is that now I get to revisit those topics and talk about it from the other sides.

Today I get to revisit a topic of fishing and cooking dailies that I wrote in late May (Be MOP #71). Back then I wrote about how I did not like how the newest fishing and cooking quest giver was in the city and the rewards were not fit for the max level characters who were battling against the forces of Deathwing and his forces.


I just got back from killing ogres the Bastion of Twilight but I will gladly swim around the canals for crabs


After a month of playing the expansion, how does the new secondary profession  skills quests fair in the new expansion?

I like the new dailies in Mists of Pandaria, while there is not one fishing and cooking quest giver, instead the fishing and cooking has been spread out to act more of a faction grind. Those quests gave me two things that Catherine Leland and Robby Flay could not give me, importance and materials.

The Tiller quests gives me a quests to go out to the mountains and start killing Hozen to weed out the numbers and stealing back some stolen cooking tools, while the Anglers have you going out and grab some fish. These objectives may not seem that important to a champion of the Mantid and Sha, but at least it out us moving out of the city and fighting monsters that are our level.


So many farmed goats


These quests also gives you cooking and fishing materials as well.  The other major complaint that I had with the Cataclysm Dailies, is that the catch I would get when fishing were in the low-level waters and thus low-level fish were caught, it didn’t really help me when I needed fish from the new zones for the recipes.

In Mists not only is there the tiller’s farm that helps you gather cooking vegetables for the new cooking skill grind, but the Anglers have quests that will send you out to actually fish with dailies like Piranha! and Shocking! 

While I don’t mind fishing, I will not go out of my way to fish up anything for the cooking materials, I will always go the AH for that because I know there are people who actually go out and do that.

A good way around that is for the game developers to give me a quest, and in-game objective to get me to exercise the skill, give me the opportunity to level up and help me get some fish that I might use in raids, rep grinds, or reselling at the auction house.

Which they succeed in this expansion and I applaud them for these new dailies .


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2 responses to “#136 Teach a man to rant and you will find out why he won’t fish REDUX

  1. I really can’t say that I dont like the dailies … just so many of them… I guy could spend almost all his play time only doing dailies!

    • Yeah, I agree there is quite a lot of dailies. For the time being I’m just working on the Tillers and Anglers reps/dailies right now, then working on the cloud serpent and Golden Lotus dailies next.

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