#134 The Life Cycle of my Tailoring profession

I have two professions that I have kept on my mage ever since I started playing the game, Skinning and Tailoring.

While it may seem odd but I use skinning throughout the entire expansion to make a profit on the auction house, skinning is like my wing man helping me get gold and even giving me a nice critical chance boost in fights.

A fire mage’s best friend

For the tailoring profession, I have a bit of a different relationship. If skinning is my best friend that helps me throughout all of my life, Tailoring is my wife. With marriage it goes through some certain stages.

Tailoring and I first experience the Honeymoon phase, this happens at the beginning of the expansion with the added another level in all profession, I get to experience the journey of leveling to the max tailoring  all over again.

I would go out of my way to grind certain  reputations to get those really nice epic tailoring recipes.

And each day I would to go to the Valley of the Four Winds for our daily date in the Silk Fields.

We will always have that

Then we get to the next raiding tier, and then the relation reaches it’s next phase,  it’s not all lovey-dovey. The relationship starts to level out, becomes more routine.

I still give her Windwool cloth for the Imperial Silk cooldown, but the mystery of what’s the next thing to craft is gone.

It becomes increasingly difficult to get the most current recipes, going into the raids to kill a boss for the small chance to get a recipe and then fighting with the other tailors in the raid to win the loot.

Months of raiding and not ONE Lavaquake Legwraps!

Towards the last few months of the expansion I hardly visit tailoring anymore, aside from the leg enchants. Truth be told I start cheating on her with my cloth on her hot First Aid sister.

And I always feel guilty about it

Then the next expansion is announced and Tailoring and I go through marriage counselling and we patch everything up for the expansion swearing never to  that point again.

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  1. aqusinna

    Most of the recepies are gotten thru rep grinds not, dont think you have to worry as much (atleast for now) about the random boss drops.

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