#133 My History with Hallow’s End

Last week started my favorite holiday in World of Warcraft, the Hallow’s End holiday!


“Prepare yourselves, the bells have tolled! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Each of you shall pay the final sum! CRY for mercy! THE RECKONING HAS COME!


The event holds a special place in my heart, it was the first world event that I properly experienced.

The first actual holiday was Brewfest but a the time, the computer I was playing it on was so terrible that it could not handle all the players in the one location outside of the city and I was too new to the game to understand what was happening.

When Hallow’s End event came around I was a bit more experienced in how WoW worked and I was able to utilized the game mechanics of tick or treating and the extinguishing of the town flames.

Every Hallow ends after that I made sure that I participated in Hallow’s End every way that I can, I visit every tick or treat pumpkin in every town , making sure that I got all of the achievements, and use the magic broom as my flying mount for the glorious two weeks.


I even partake in the cherish tradition of eating too much candy


It was the Headless horseman that was the first PvE boss I encountered at level 70.

I dinged 70 during the Hallow End event, I was able to buy 4 out of the 5 of the Epic PvP set (I played A LOT of Battlegrounds from 10-70) and I bought them for the sole purpose of being prepared for the fight.



I always make sure that I have the sound up so that I can listen to his wonderful rhythms in the dungeon AND when he attacks the towns


And starting in 2009, I also participated in another tradition, trying to get The Horseman’s Reins.

For everyone who were spoiled by Celestiral Steeds and the Big Love Rockets this was the first mount that could be used as BOTH a land mount and a flying mount.

This was during a time when flying mounts could only be used in areas that permitted in flying zones. This was an amazing mount and I set my eyes on it, and for the last four years I queued up for the Headless Horseman instance for every day for the off-chance to get that mount.

This is one of the few mounts that I want but don’t have, I don’t want much mounts…every since I collected most of them but I have a good feeling about finally getting the mount this year.


…I hope



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  1. aqusinna

    >.< this mount again

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