#132 Finally 90!

Last Wednesday night I finally reached level 90 on my mage. After four weeks of having the expansion being released I was able to level past the newest five levels.

hmmm…. writing it out makes it sound slightly less epic.

Finally I have the quests in The Shrine of Seven Stars!

I honestly thought that the city held no quests/adventures when I was there at level 89.

Finally I can open up the Tillers and Order of the Cloud Serpent reputations and set my sights on having getting the biggest farm in Pandaria and get my cloud serpent mount and all the other rewards from the reputation grinds.

Finally I will be able to partake in heroics and raids!

Oh wait….

And lastly, finally I am able to fly around Pandaria! Currently I am exploring the continent completing the Lore walker scroll Easter egg hunt AND fly around and complete the exploration achievement, because heaven knows I need more achievement points.

It’s not that I want to be the best, it’s making sure that nobody overthrows me

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3 responses to “#132 Finally 90!

  1. Grats! Oh, it is SOOO great to be able to fly in Pandaria 🙂

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