#131 Shared Topic: The Rules of Me

This week Shared Topic comes from Mataoka with the question,

The Rules of Me: What are your personal rules you wish others would know about you?

I have always been a big follower of the rules, and throughout my adventures I have five major rules that I have developed in my adventures in Azeroth over the years.

I’ve waiting to use a Fairly Oddparents picture for quite a while now

  • I will not gank

This rule comes from my early years on a PvP server, I will not attack a member of the Horde if they are in he middle of a fight of a NPC. If both of us are at full health and rested then it’s free game and if you are attacking another player of the Alliance then oh boy, the Time Lord’s Gloves are off!

  • I will only skin animals that you killed only when it is clear you moved on.

This comes from my greed from the skinning profession and it stems from all the skinners stealing my monsters while I was busy with another beast. Once I know you looted the body and have no more interest in the corpse then I will steal the leather.

  • I will be nice to you if you are nice to me

The classic Golden Rule this comes from the constant requests of Conjured Mana Cakes and portals, if you are nice in your request then there is a good chance that I will follow through.

But if you are rude to me in demanding a portal then I hold the right to create a portal to every city besides the one that you want.

  • I will never buy weapons or gear on the Auction House

This is a from the knowledge that if I am patience enough in my raid group then the epic armor will be mine. It’s kind of like Field of Dreams

If you attend it, the epic loot will

  • I value the journey over the destination

This one I follow when I go into a new zone, getting through all of the quests before getting completing the main story arc of the area and traveling to the next zone. I also use this rule to answer to all of my friends when they ask me why I am not level ninety yet.

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4 responses to “#131 Shared Topic: The Rules of Me

  1. aqusinna

    …but you are level 90? I mean out dpsed by a level 88 DK 😉 … but level 90 none the less :D.

    Looking forward to seeing you get some gear! Did you finish up dread wastes? there is alot of 440/450 gear in there.

  2. Spencer, your rules are awesome 🙂 And they say a lot about you. Glad you joined in the shared topic.

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