#130 Screenshots of Pandaria

My apologies to everyone today, this week’s work load decided to come out of the gate swinging  with the biggest requirements due this Monday and Tuesday.

So instead of a traditional blog post I am instead going to show some of my favorite screenshots I took while I was leveling in this expansion over the past three weeks.

I think Kun-Lai Summit takes the cake as my favorite zone int the expansion. The snow-covered mountains reminds me of the White Mountains in my home state


Another beautiful shot of the mountains in that zone


One of the best little things in this expansion is the random weather effects that moves around the continent


It’s not as beautiful as my other screenshots but I just wanted to point out that this was a nod to the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz


I was really hoping to complete some quests in the Shado-Pan Monastery like we did in the Jade Temple.  I wanted to see more of the inside the buildings pre-sha.


I don’t if this was an accident or not, but this map looks like the monster “ALOT”


The comic about this monster can be found here.


See you guys next time

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